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My origin story….

So, it’s about currently 1230 am right now, Fri August 23rd and I am currently sitting here listening to Illenium’s new concept album “Ascend”. Definitely loving it so far and recommend listening to it if you like EDM music. It’s been an eventful day as I was able to spend time with my beautiful girlfriend. I got home about three hours ago trying to get stuff situated for our new place towards the end of the month in which I’ll actually make a more formal announcement about it through my social media. Yet, after getting all of that figured out, everything is moving on schedule thankfully. I was thinking back towards this morning after spending some time on my social media and a friend of mine from Nigeria asked me through Twitter if I had started my medium blog yet. I’ve been talking about starting one, yet just haven’t had the time to actually start it. SO now that I actually have some time to sit down and think while I am texting my girlfriend back and forth, I wanted to do this and finally keep my promise to all of those that follow my content! This is for you and all of the new people that find value in this. Now before I begin, I kind of gave a backstory in my podcast that I do. The title is why I wanted to write this and share my origin story as to why I started all of the ventures that I did. So here we go…

I was born 9 weeks early. I was a premature baby. My parents were told by doctors that I was going to be a special needs child and that I would need help with alot of things due to being born this early and was kept in the hospital until I was equal of a full term pregnancy essentially before they released me home with my parents. Fast forwarding in my life a bit growing up I was a very chill, calm, and quiet kid. I wouldn’t talk a whole lot until I did get older and I feel some aspect of that still hits me in some ways, yet I did have to go through speech therapy at some points because I couldn’t enunciate certain words correctly. As I got older into that stage where you start wanting to play with toys and say your first word as a baby, this is where I really feel like I was meant for something bigger than just working my life for someone else and not working for myself. I don’t remember the exact ages I was when these two things occurred, but what I can tell you is that my first word when I was a baby was “dollar”. It wasn’t “momma” or “dada” or something simple. It was “dollar”. The only toy that I would play with was a toy bank as well. Any other kind of toy my parents tried to get me to play with at the time I just simply had no interest in playing with it. My childhood was decent, when I turned 3, my sister was born. When I turned 5, I started kindergarten and went through school normally without any issues except of that with the things I had to do the speech therapy for. Once I hit second grade, we moved up north into a new area that was completely foreign. Made alot of good friends there, yet in current time, I wish I kept some way to stay in contact with them. We moved back down south again near where we used to live just before the economy collapsed and melted in 2008. Finished out my years of Elementary, Jr. High, and High School and then was done in 2013.

Just recently today, I was at the library with my girlfriend because she needed to get something done and I came across a book title that was business related if I’m not mistaken and it said that those that earn “A’s” in school will be the kind of person that works for those that earn “C’s”. I thought this was interesting to share because in hindsight looking back through all of school I HATED it with a passion and also despised the fact that I didn’t want to work for someone else. Now, I will be honest I wasn’t a straight A student like my sister, yet I was average. A “B” and “C” average I earned throughout 7th to 12th grade. So you might be asking well what does that have to do with anything?

During jr high I worked during the summers when I had no school with my dad. I was working at 14. My parents always helped where they could but never gave me anything and told me I had to work for what I wanted. So that’s what I did. Once I turned 16 and started high school, I got to a point where I was ahead actually and working part time for a movie theater. Free movies, popcorn, and soda are all great perks. I then graduated high school and needed something full time to support myself even though I wasn’t 18. I was already expecting this because my parents didn’t create any entitlement in me. I am thankful for that. After I quit my first full time job, I fell into a deep depression as my first relationship of almost 4 to 5 years fell through and while I was working my second full time job, I was working on myself to get myself back to being happy with myself again. It wasn’t easy. There was times I wanted to give up and even contemplated suicide, but didn’t and I am glad I didn’t. I eventually found myself being able to get my own place and the car that I wanted when I got out of high school because I thought they were sooo cool. After this I had my second relationship and it helped me be more open emotionally. I left my place that I had and moved in with my girlfriend at the time to help them out financially as well. I was back to being happy with myself again.

Through all the latter part of this while I was working at the company I was at for 3 years, a friend of mine Brayden came to me and shared an opportunity with me. In hindsight I realize when I think about it more I was always open to ways of making more money but never against it either. Also growing up my mom went to college online for 10 years almost, granted that my sister and I was young, my mom also was working full time trying to balance everything in her life. My dad has been at the same job for almost 30 years which isn’t bad, yet I do believe he is capable of more and so is my mom. They are happy where they are at, but I wanted more than just THAT. I didn’t want to be stuck to a 9 to 5 job, or not having time for certain things, or not being there as a stay at home parent for our children with my girlfriend. When my friend showed me this, I saw immense value in it. I still do it because I love it. It’s changed my life. It’s taught me different things that I never knew really existed and really gave me a different perspective. With that perspective it allowed me to tap into a version of myself that I knew was always there but felt like I had no key to a lock that I was trying to open, because looking back I realized that I hated school, I hated the thought of working for someone else and wanted to work for myself. In turn I had to sacrifice some things that would allow me to move forward, as of a year ago since I have been doing this for a little over two years now, I was able to move into doing this full time and I wouldn’t trade the world for it. It’s given me the opportunity to help others reach their goals and obtain what they want in their life physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. In the micro, it’s hard to build something like this, yet in the macro the opportunity and return on investment outweighs the work in the long run. I’m excited to share more what I do with you all. Currently I am 24. I’m out here running for a marathon to increase wealth and not just sprinting to gain short term success. I encourage you all to take a step back and realize that if you are even almost 40 to 50 years old that you're still young as FUCK and you’ve got TIME. Don’t waste that, follow your passions because the reality is you STILL CAN. That I can promise you!

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